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Elizabeth Hickey is a graduate of Fairfield University with a degree in Psychology / Business 1992. She received her bodywork education at the Massage Institute of New England in Somerville, MA 2006 and Rhode Island Reflexology Academy 2010.

She is currently studying Nursing in Charlestown, MA.

She pursued the field of Massage / Holistic Science after spending over a decade in the corporate world as an Analyst, and for several years as a per diem EMT for AMR (2004 -2008, 2015-2016) in the Boston Metrowest area.

Having been an athlete at Division I Fairfield U, she missed the physical aspects of goal setting, competition and achievement that were missing in the Boardrooms.  

Firsthand, she also saw the toll that life stress, the demands of a career and an ambitious lifestyle can take on the human body, mind and spirit.

Holistic therapy seemed like a great way to be part of the solution.

She established Bodyworks Massage Therapy in 2006 to help both herself and others achieve higher physical and mental goals. She operates under the principle that in order to be at your best for others, you need to replenish yourself and avoid burnout. You cannot give what you don't have!

She stays current on modern healthcare issues, research and ways to help the body heal itself, in cases where western medicine is not able to help, or when a client feels pharmaceutical intervention should be a last resort. She has observed research in holistic medicine at the Touch Institute in Miami, FL (affiliated with the University of Miami - School of Medicine). She witnessed specifically the study of the effect of Touch Therapy on neonates at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami (pree-mies grew faster and left the hospital sooner when receving Touch Therapy).

She incorporates the latest massage techniques and relaxation methods to help both injured and non-injured people enhance their physical functioning, as well as improve focus, clarity and balance. Studies show that it is often the mind's calmness and positivity, achieved through meditative practice or nurturing touch, that facilitate one's own physical healing.

See this website for current research in the field of Touch Therapy: 


Beth is also active in her community, participating in town government meetings and Natick Center Associates, the small business association of Natick. She also does fundraising for Operation Smile and is involved in Natick town tennis, and the USTA.




I have teamed up with OPERATION SMILE to help them raise money to provide life saving surgeries to children around the world who otherwise would end up suffering and alone.

Just $240 can provide one child with a life-altering facial procedure, thanks to all the volunteer surgeons and other medical staff who donate their time! Any amount towards this cost is so much appreciated. I am also accepting office supplies, clean linens and blankets at my office which I send out regularly for their travelling medical office and surgical recovery rooms. 

I am taking steps towards credentialing as a Medical Volunteer (nurse), and I hope someday to share my personal experience on these missions with you all!